HOW MUCH FOOD DOES YOUR FOOD EAT (and drink) — stock footage provider and the BESTIALITY CYCLE, scott richard from 2016

HOW MUCH FOOD DOES YOUR FOOD EAT (and drink) — stock footage provider and the BESTIALITY CYCLE, scott richard from 2016 29700111947 b38d4f68b7 774x800

HOW MUCH FOOD DOES YOUR FOOD EAT (and drink) -- stock footage provider and the BESTIALITY CYCLE, scott richard from 2016  HOW MUCH FOOD DOES YOUR FOOD EAT (and drink) — stock footage provider and the BESTIALITY CYCLE, scott richard from 2016 29700111947 b38d4f68b7

2.566404e+12 gallons per SLAUGHTER CYCLE is the reply to how a lot water does your meals drink? social WATER math on a pound of beef, scott richard


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it has been virtually two complete years since this essay was revealed.
right here it’s once more for all of you who missed it the primary time:

slaughter cycle numbers and pretend math — how the media tips you into the belongings you do & the BIGGEST situation in your plate must be this subject, not the presidential election shampaign, scott richard september 25th 2016

whereas the nation argues about constructing partitions and never electing females, the true issues proceed.

america, so fats and lazy, not more likely to get up earlier than it is too late.

indebted to international nations, getting ready to worldwide warfare…

ah, so cute.
thank goddha the brand new fall television reveals are all coming again!!!

let’s do the water gallon utilization math of cows. i went to a number of meat trade websites and so they solely give us numbers. they will not really inform us what number of gallons a cow consumes in its SLAUGHTER CYCLE:

"As a rule of thumb, consumption will vary from 1 gallon per 100 kilos of physique weight throughout chilly climate to just about 2 gallons per 100 kilos of physique in the course of the hottest climate. Lactating cows require practically twice as a lot water in comparison with dry cows.
Day by day water consumption might range from three to 30 gallons per day relying on age, physique dimension (weight), stage of manufacturing, and the surroundings (primarily air temperature).
Clear contemporary water freed from manure, grime, and different particles is vital."

i like that final element "reality". it’s in reference to the enormity of merely WASTED water that takes place round cows. and by wasted, that is precisely what i imply. nobody displays this. it’s their very own FREE FOR THEMS.

okay, again to the mathematics:

so we’ve got beef cows and we need to perceive their slaughter-cycle.

"In keeping with Animals Australia, the pure lifespan of a dairy cow is roughly 20 years. The typical lifespan of a beef cow is 15 to 20 months."

earlier than i am going any additional, let me say one thing about math.
math ONLY works in case your "variables" are ACCURATE and EQUAL.
the very second both of these aren’t potential, math is immediately INACCURATE.

what do i imply? in case you ran these identical numbers and made the "cow variable" right into a PERSON and also you regarded on the kill price and realized that we had been killing individuals and so they had completely different ages, you’ll NEVER REFER TO THIS AS A LIFESPAN. it’s a kill interval, not a life span. VEALERS stay very brief lives — Eight months for instance. however that is NOT A LIFESPAN> it’s a lot nearer to a focus camp for a species.

so, it’s unfair to name the SLAUGHTER CYCLE a "life span".
and, oddly, they really present the true life span of a mean dairy cow of 20 years (dairy cows drink twice as a lot water as beef fed cows).

after which they shamefully use language to cover this reality and fake that the meat cows’ LIFE SPAN is definitely its SLAUGHTER CYCLE. immediately, as i’ve talked about, this impacts the numbers.
they grow to be extra faux if you cheat the grammar of the phrase drawback.

if i ask you the way lengthy it takes to get to tokyo from l. a. on a prepare, you’ll be able to see that this kind of phrase drawback is absolutely troublesome. you’d need to know precisely how lengthy it took to dismantle a prepare and ship it…

anyway, again to our faux numbers recreation…

we’ll take the low numbers.
it is at all times extra enjoyable to calculate down in opposition to issues you might be disputing.

that means, when others return and re-run your numbers, you at all times rating higher as a substitute of worse and so they really feel like they’re superior as a result of they did the analysis and obtained a greater reply than was initially supplied — i do know, i do know, people are so useless and we like it…

"Ranchers will historically breed their cattle in the summertime which is able to produce calves within the spring. On common, a new child calf will weigh 70 to 90 kilos at beginning. Earlier than a calf is taken into account a feeder, it has already been gone by the method of being born, weaned and despatched out to graze for as much as 9 months."…

now this is one thing vital.
when the BEEF INDUSTRY provides out its numbers on water utilization for cattle, it solely talks about phases within the slaughter-cycle of the cow.

that’s, as you see within the element reality above, a "FEEDER" has already been alive for about 9 months.

so, conspiratorially, all the information that the meat trade releases about water utilization refers back to the LAST 6 – 11 months of a beef cow’s life.

that is sort of sneaky.

in case you run the numbers on this little bit of apart, the bottom precise water consumption of the common calf earlier than turning into a FEEDER is:

9 month weaning interval
6 x 7 = 42 gallons per week
168 gallons per thirty days

1512 gallons for 9 months

so that you may marvel, so what?
nicely have a look at this knowledge reality:

"What number of gallons of sizzling water does a bathe use?
Showering to Financial savings. In a mean residence, showers are usually the third largest water use after bogs and garments washers. The typical American bathe makes use of 17.2 gallons (65.1 liters) and lasts for 8.2 minutes at common move price of two.1 gallons per minute (gpm) (7.9 lpm)."

so if we take our numbers and evaluate this quantity to the one individual showering for a complete 12 months which is 6,570 gallons utilizing the common supplied above, we see that four and a half weaner cows are consuming the identical quantity of water as one fortunate bathe individual within the u.s. for a whole 12 months.

and the meat trade conveniently does not even depend any of that water of their estimations.
which is bizarre as a result of if we run these numbers about what number of weaners exist, we get this whole:
89 million head of cattle
multiplied by
1512 gallons

134,568,000,000 gallons per slaughter-cycle THAT THE MEAT INDUSTRY FAILS TO EVEN COUNT!!!!!

that goes UNACCOUNTED for within the meat trade’s accounting to the general public. that is the water that cows are consuming BEFORE they go into the FEEDER cycle.

in the course of the feeder cycle, water consumption DOUBLES!!!!

so calves…
"Water is essentially the most important and least expensive ingredient in any livestock feeding operation.

A 180–kg. (400-pound) calf would require from 10–30 liters (quarts) of water each day, relying on components like temperature, humidity and the dry matter content material of the food plan. To realize most good points, present an ample provide of fresh, simply accessible water. "
translation, a calf is the time period for a cow between beginning and weaning.

at weaning, it is referred to as a weaner. that occurs round 9 months.

they drink about 6 gallons common throughout their calf interval.

once they begin to bulk up, that is when the water ratio follows swimsuit.

"A business steer or bull calf is anticipated to placed on about 32 to 36 kg (71 to 79 lb) per thirty days. A nine-month-old steer or bull is subsequently anticipated to weigh about 250 to 270 kg (550 to 600 lb). Heifers will weigh no less than 200 kg (440 lb) at eight months of age."

within the feeder cycle, cows could be ingesting a mean of upwards to 30 gallons of water per day.

the feeder portion of the SLAUGHTER CYCLE of a beef cow can final between six months and and eleven months.

let’s simply say a mean is 9, though we do not know that.

so you may have 9 months the place FEEDER cows are consuming 30 gallons per day of water.

AGAIN, this does not embrace the water it takes to provide their feed.

in the course of the FEEDER PERIOD of a beef cow’s SLAUGHTER CYCLE, cows eat corn.
corn take 147 gallons of water to make one pound of corn feed.

FEEDER cows eat a mean of 2400 kilos of corn feed.

however that is not our enterprise. we’re solely assessing the water we will "depend" based mostly on the meat trade’s personal precise stats. we all know {that a} 35% lack of water price by sheer waste is one thing that nobody desires to truly learn about.

water flows into the ocean in any case, and just like the soda tax, this sort of concentrate on water will finally simply make all pure commodities price extra — that is the entire again bone struggle for the warfare on meals.

in case you learn my stuff you understand i have been speaking in regards to the warfare on meals for about twenty 5 years now. look into it!

anyway, let’s take a look at the numbers we will monitor.
simply how a lot does a FEEDER cow drink on the finish of its SLAUGHTER CYCLE.

9 instances 30 gallons of water per day instances 30 days in a month
equals 8,100 gallons of water.

this quantity is now HIGHER THAN a person taking an Eight minute bathe every day for a YEAR at two.1 gallons of water move per minute.

however what does this even matter when nestle’s buys ONE MILLION LITERS of water for lower than four {dollars}?!!?!?!
than they package deal it with plastic,
ship and promote every product unit for greater than a greenback.
discuss a markup win technique.

it makes the meat trade and their lavish use of water appear in competitors with different industries and profiteering opportunists who’ve clearly taken the pilot’s seat and are driving the aircraft.

however let’s end our math about FEEDER COWS.

this is the entire variety of gallons annually used to water beef cows in the course of the FEEDER section of their SLAUGHTER CYCLE:

8100 gallons of water per head of cattle instances 89 million head of cattle which are presently within the strategy of going by the SLAUGHTER CYCLE at the same time as we learn this




gallons of water.

so that is the FEEDER section>>>>

now we’ve got to whole out the FEEDER section with the WEANER section.

and right here is the good and grand whole of water consumption for the SLAUGHTER CYCLE annually:

gallons of H2O

let me add, that when i did the water analysis, you will need to keep in mind that cow’s consumption of water (that’s, THIS TOTAL) made up solely 33% of the particular water utilization required to make business enterprise beef. GRASS FED COWS take much more as a result of they’ve an extended SLAUGHTER CYCLE.

if we do the cheat math (i am going to provide the knowledge hyperlink and information about all of the precise math, the numbers and the place they got here from so you’ll be able to learn that if you wish to take the time and see the place these numbers originate), we discover that we will simply add the 66% to the grand whole we’ve got thus far.

AGAIN, this quantity doesn’t in any means account for the rampant waste of water that surrounds this trade and finally ends up working poisons, toxins, medical waste illness, and many others. into the bottom water and contaminating it for all creatures.

so AGAIN, this new whole is simply the CORN and the COWS.

and, as you’ll be able to see GOOGLE calculator had a sht match on this one and simply decreased it so numbers do not look insane:

2.566404e+12 gallons per SLAUGHTER CYCLE

after which, to get our yearly whole, let’s beneficiant proportionalize this quantity to accommodate for the common SLAUGHTER CYCLE being a couple of 12 months and a half.

so right here is the annual gallons of water getting used for the present SLAUGHTER CYCLE:


however then we’ve got to do alternate math, as a result of we’re simply speaking about BEEF COWS, not DAIRY COWS, which eat TWICE as a lot water and stay twenty years.

fortunately, solely 9 million dairy cows. so we get to about 80 million head of cattle within the BEEF trade as a substitute of just about 90 million.

however since these dairy cows drink twice as a lot and stay no less than 18 years longer than a beef cow, i believe you get the image.

that’s, that this quantity
2.566404e+12 gallons per SLAUGHTER CYCLE
plus a bit bit extra is the precise yearly whole for ALL head of cattle within the u.s.

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